Our Process

Davtair has never gone from paper drawing to design to product without the proper interim steps. From the germ of an idea to the finished result, we engage in a thorough process that ensures you get the product you need. With our expertise, we can design, develop, and train, meaning that you won’t need to spend your valuable time and money sub-contracting parts of your project to other companies.

Discover how Davtair's process makes us speedy and responsive at a reasonable cost.

Design and Development

Most metal fabrication shops in Ottawa possess design capabilities, but not at the level of expertise that makes Davtair such a reputable company in the industry. For example, if you needed a bomb mitigation system and went to another company to have one developed, they would likely send you to Davtair because we have the knowledge and equipment to do so. Davtair is special because our team is able to take on jobs that are beyond the scope of most custom welding and metal fabrication companies.

With the cutting-edge SOLIDWORKS 3D design software used to draw complex diagrams, Davtair is able to breathe life into new products, such as electrical enclosures and vehicle containers, that are customized to satisfy the very specific needs of clients. Davtair’s extreme flexibility allows us to work on paper to bring ideas to life, which sets it apart from the competition.

Metal Fabrication

Davtair can cut, bend, weld and assemble just about anything metallic. We have the tools and expertise to make ideas come to life.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to quality assurance, Davtair follows the book to the letter. Our comprehensive QA manual allows us to ensure that each and every product is built to meet or exceed industry standards. Every detail is scrutinized to ensure the integrity of the final product is maintained. Our commitment to quality on every project, no matter how big or small, is the reason why our clients continue to do business with us.


Whenever there’s specified criteria on a product that must be met, such as building doors on a vehicle that can withstand a certain amount of pressure, Davtair will test it to ensure that it functions the way it is meant to.


Davtair is a unique metal fabrication shop because it goes beyond just building great products. Customers can benefit from the services of a bilingual field service representative who will provide training, in English and French, on how to operate their new equipment.

If a vehicle requires an upgrade, Davtair will offer a refresher course on all of the new features and functionalities. Furthermore, clients that have new staff joining their team can rest easy knowing that Davtair will provide training and support for them even after the initial training session has been completed.

Repair and Overhaul

When you buy a refurbished container or product from Davtair, we ensure that it functions like a brand new system. However, before you spend money on something that might be beyond repair, Davtair will run an appraisal on the repair and overhaul costs so you can protect your budget.

What Can Davtair Do for You?