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At Techno Home we transform shipping containers into just about anything you can dream of! Your new Home, Office, Gym, Cottage, Nanny Pods, or a Home extension! As well as your dream Pool & Hot Tub. Why spend months building when it could be just a few weeks? Our shipping containers are like Lego blocks; imagine all the possibilities and opportunities we can create just for you!

At Techno Home we simplify the building process for you! We will provide you with a 3D visual of your home, giving you the freedom to make revisions and give the approval of your home design. Your shipping container home can be custom to your design and transported from one location to another. All shipping containers are built with durable, long-lasting materials and run fully on electricity.

Shipping containers have been a crucial part of the world economy for years, transporting the world's precious cargo. Shipping containers are built of Corten steel and made to protect themselves from corrosion and rust as well as handle some of the world's extreme climates, from freezing temperatures to saltwater oceans. They are large and strong enough to transport goods but small enough to fit on trucks and boats as well as light enough to be moved by cranes and forklifts. Over time one problem has arisen, an excess of used containers. This issue led designers to turn the abundance of unused shipping containers into what we know now as modular, steel homes, offices, gyms, and pools. Modern-day gold!

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